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      Feed Industry  

      After more than 30 years of technology R&D, cultivation test and market practice, and with the acceptance of vast customers, Tongwei Feeds have formed particular health index quality feature, including raw material index, nutrition index, growth index, disease resistant index and transport resistant index. Tongwei’s healthy feeds represent the highest standard and level of aquatic feeds in China. The company now owns 200 more feed varieties, which can meet different cultivation conditions and demands. Moreover, in aspects of special and concentrated feeds like particular aquatic feeds, pig feeds, bird feeds and compound premixes, Tongwei also ranks among the best in the industry.

      Finished warehouse of Tongwei Feeds
      Production shop of Tongwei Feeds
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      Address:Tongwei International Center, No. 588, Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province  Tel:028-85188888  Supported By:Tongwei Media