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      Adhering to the “relevant and appropriately diverse” development principle,we actively explore related industries such as pet food, construction and real estate,property management, and culture and media,enhancing the overall strength of the Group and supporting the steady and rapid development of the dual main industries.


      Chengdu Care Pet Food Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tongwei Group, is a modern enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of pet food. Founded in 2000, the company is one of the earliest pet food companies in China, owning a series of products such as cat food and dog food. It is currently the largest professional pet food manufacturer in Asia with the most advanced equipment. In April 2017, Care Pet Food’s leading new pet food production line in Asia was officially put into production.

      After more than ten years of rapid development, Care Pet Food Company has won the only Chinese well-known trademark in the domestic pet food industry, and has been well received by domestic and foreign pet lovers. Care Pet Food Company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy and brand proposition of "putting the safety of dogs and cats first", committed to providing truly safe, healthy and delicious pet food for every pet in the world!

      Care Pet Food modern production Park
      Care Pet Food products


      Sichuan Tongwei Real Estate Co., Ltd. Is founded in 2006, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongwei Group, which specializes in real estate investment, development and operation.With strong financial strength and highly specialized ability of project development and management, the company has successfully launched the high-end residence of “Xianhu Mansion”, the ultra A-grade international standard office building “TIC” and urban complex projects of “Mianyang Lehui Town”, “Xichang Lehui Town” and “Dream Cube Square”.

      Xianhu Manison
      Mianyang Lehui Town
      Xichang Lehui Town
      Dream Cube Square

      Chengdu Tongyu Property Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongwei Group specialized in the professional property management services of high-end office buildings, residential buildings, commercial complexes and industrial parks. It has developed into a national first-class material professional property management enterprise, which is focusing on Chendu ,radiating Shuangliu, Leshan, Xichang, Hefei,Baotou and other regions.

      TIC, the representatives of high-end office buildings
      Tongyu Property PTU

      Tongwei Media is a one-stop integrated brand service institution integrating communication content production, communication channel expansion, communication platform construction and operation.

      China Fisheries Science and Technology Conference 2019
      Tongwei’s 12th China Brand Festival 2018